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It has been a year in the making and now has finally happened!

Mortar and Pestle Herbs is now known as Herbal Roots. Wait, what?

Yep, you read that right. Same herbal formulas, same 100% purity, same quality, same owners, new name. Literally nothing has changed but our name so do not worry that the supplements you love have changed.

Let's back up a minute... Just over a year ago we found out that our brand name of Mortar and Pestle Herbs can not be trademarked due to another company with a similar name. Believe me when I tell you this seriously bummed us out. After spending some time trying to magically make this news not true, Heather, Emily and Jennifer went back to the drawing board and started brainstorming a new name that we could officially call our own. After many meetings, emails with our trademark attorney and more meetings - Herbal Roots was born!

We are happy to announce, we are now officially trademarked and own all rights to our new brand name and logo!!

As you order your supplements you may (or may not) notice the name change. We are slowly making the transition. Our first two supplements proudly bearing our new name are our black elderberry and oil of oregano.

You may also notice that our Facebook and Instagram pages will change to Herbal Roots Supplements (@herbalrootssupplements). The full transition will take some time as we sell out of our previous stock and start selling our new stock.

We are excited to continue to provide you with 100% pure herbal supplements and awesome customer service. Thanks so much for your support! It really does mean the world to us.

Best wishes for health and happiness to you and your family,

Heather, Emily and Jennifer
Herbal Roots

Our History

Herbal Roots was created by three sisters who share a passion for using natural medicine and home remedies for ailments from headaches, aches and pains to illnesses.

Having been raised by parents who ​used home remedies whenever possible, we were able to learn from a young age what alternatives exist from pharmaceutical medicines. Now that we have our own children our research and love for natural remedies has grown.

We are focused on sustainable wellness practices and revitalizing a relationship with the plant world. Producing the highest quality products is our number 1 priority! We are excited to share our passion and to provide you with a drug-free natural alternative for strengthening your immune system and handling a variety of ailments.