History of Garlic

Garlic (allium sativum) is a member of the onion genus. 

For over 5,000 years garlic has been used as food, medicine, an aphrodisiac, as money, and in magic potions. Garlic is one of the oldest known food flavoring and seasoning plants that managed to infuse itself into the culinary traditions of many civilizations across the world.

Sumerians (2600–2100 BC) were actively utilizing the garlic healing qualities, and there is a belief that they brought the garlic to China, from where it was later spread to Japan and Korea.

Use of Garlic in the Indian Medicine

In ancient Indian medicine, garlic was a valuable remedy used as a tonic, roborans, to help with a lack of appetite, common weakness, hemorrhoids etc.

The Egyptians were familiar with many medicinal, aromatic, spicy and poisonous plants. In the beginning, when they were still minor and impoverished, they were satisfied with their own medicinal plants from their flora, around the Nile River. It was garlic that was used most.

The Ancient Greeks also valued garlic although those who had eaten garlic were forbidden entry into the temples (they were called ‘rank roses’). 

Garlic was brought into Great Britain in 1548, from the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, where it was present in abundance.

As you can see the incredible journey of garlic through our history touched every major civilization of the ancient world.

Garlic is the plant necessary in everyday life from the past until the present days. It contains active compounds that are responsible for its effect on almost every part of the human body. Garlic is an excellent tonic for the human organism.  


Currently, garlic is widely used for an immune system booster all over the world. 

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